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God cares about your clutter.

Your organizational life matters. With a growing number of voices and TV shows speaking out on organization, we’re beginning to understand that we should be organized. But we don’t hear as much on why we should be organized. Why should it matter if our lives are disorganized?

Purge with Passion: Organizing Principles from a Christian Perspective focuses on that question. This isn’t your average organizing book. If you see organization as a step to a happier and more productive life, then you’re partly right. But…what if there’s more?

Our resources and possessions are meant to be used for God,
but too often they distract us from God.

Jodie Watson helps you free yourself from the clutter with practical and actionable advice. But she also explains that what truly matters is the heart behind your organization.

God has a specific purpose for you and the world in which you live.

Get ready to step out of the mess and step into God’s amazing plan for order.

    • Identify the ways disorganization can hinder you from pursuing Godís will.

    • Take a deeper look at the things that God has entrusted to you

    • Adopt a biblical approach to ordering your life for God’s glory.

    • Go beyond the surface and get to the very heart of your disorganization.
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